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Wrist Wraps - Dia de los Muertos



Product Details

HOLD STRONG Wrist Wraps - Proudly made here in Australia!

These are custom Wrist Wraps designed and Made by HOLD STRONG.

The SKULLS wrist wraps are one of our limited design range. 


  • Custom material, with SKULLS print.
  • Easily adjust mid-WOD for tighter or looser fit "Twist-Fit"
  • Used for when you need that extra wrist support during Cross Training, Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting
  • Machine Washable

Be quick to get your set of limited edition Hold Strong Wrist Wraps!

** Product patterns will vary slightly from pictured and from Wrap to Wrap due to the manufacturing process. It's just makes your Wraps that much more unique!



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