Hold Strong

WOD Pack

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The essentials that everyone needs at the gym.

New to the box? Don't know what you need or want yet?

Your going to need a few things to help you with these new movements:

Pack contains: 1 xWrist Wraps (Velcro or Twist-Fit), 1 x Gymnastic Grips and 1 x Speed Rope.

Choose your colour Speed Rope and correct size Gymnastic Grips.

The Velcro Wrist Wraps are one colour (as pictured). One size fits all.

The "Twist-Fit" wrist wrap are Black (as pictured). One size fits all.


You choose:

1) Gymnastic Grips size (Small, Medium or Large)

2) Velcro secure stretch wrist wrap, or

"Twist-fit" Cotton wrist wraps (Blackout Wrist Wrap)

3) Speed Rope colour (based on availability)