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Trigger ball - Lacrosse Balls (Pairs)

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Strong Trigger balls or Lacrosse balls are widely used for trigger point therapy and something easily added to your gym bag for use when travelling. 


Size/Circumference : 200mm (7.8 inch) each. Same density - firm/hard


Why sold in pairs?

To give you the option of combining to make a dual roller! Perfect for spine rolls from the top of your neck down to the sacrum. Simply place two trigger balls into small tote bag or sock and tie the bag off. You can go as far as taping them together if required.

What is the trigger ball designed to do?

Hold Strong Trigger balls relieve muscle pain. The Trigger Ball is a simple, portable and affordable piece of equipment used to relieve pain and reduce muscle tension caused by muscle trigger points. Direct pressure onto a trigger point, although uncomfortable, eventually relieves the pain and reduces muscle tension. 

What is a trigger point?

Trigger points are irritable points within a muscle that can generate muscle pain, tension and sometimes referred pain. Trigger points can be felt as a tight band within the muscle and are generally caused by muscle overuse, poor posture and sometimes trauma.

Who is the Trigger Ball suitable for?

The Trigger Ball is perfect for what we do in Crossfit. At Hold Strong we use these Trigger Balls daily. Easy enough to use at the office and in the car, you really can take this anywhere and use it anytime. Hold Strong Trigger Balls aren't just for athletes of course. Anyone with muscle tightness, knots, aches and pains can benefit from a Hold Strong Trigger Ball.

Cool - How do I use a Hold Strong Trigger Ball?

1) Find a trigger point by positioning the muscle over the trigger ball. You can do this Standing, lying, sitting or leaning against a wall. Which ever position is going to be more comfortable and allow you to relax as much as possible. You are going to feel some immediate discomfort and sometimes referred or radiating pain. Don't freak out - this is normal. It will only suck for a while.

2) Hold for as long as you can - Aiming for 1-2 minutes. You might feel a muscle twitch response, wait for the muscle tissue to release. You can feel it relax and soften under your skin. The muscle pain may just simply being to decrease. As a guide, the pain should recede after a minute or so.

3) Once the muscle tension releases and the referred pain starts to dissipate, either go deeper into the muscle or move the trigger ball to the different neighbouring points until surrounding and support muscle pain and tightness has reduced.

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