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Advanced/Elite Hand Guards

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Colour Leather
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The new standard in leather hand guards is here.
100% designed and made in Australia

** Round 3 of PRE-ORDERS NOW **

At Hold Strong we have been working hard to create the best possible leather hand guard available anywhere in the world.

Get your order in before FRIDAY 7th JULY 2017 for the next run.

Finally something that looks good and works as hard as you do during those WOD's.

To celebrate the new Hold Strong Hand Guards hitting the market we are doing a one off special introductory price. This will never be repeated so take advantage and be among the first in the world to own a pair.

* Maximum protection while allowing the user to "feel" the bar/rings.
* Can be used in conjunction with wrist wraps
* Easy on and easy off
* Long lasting - durable product
* WOD friendly (i.e. won't interfere if going from pull ups to hand stand walks)
* Looks good - Limited edition, colourful designs (Currently 5 different designs to chose from)

Providing maximum protection without super thick straps of leather, we have deliberately chosen Kangaroo leather for its over strength and durability. This means we can keep the guard thin and still have one of the strongest products in the market.

Available in BLACK (softer finish) and TAN (harder finish) we have developed two very different feeling guards.

The black leather provides more grip on the bar while still protecting your hands. Overall a lot softer and still the most durable product we have found to date.

The Brown leather is a firmer or harder feeling end product due to the different tanning process. Athlete feedback is this grip lets the bar or ring slide nicely while giving maximum hand protection.

Both come in SMALL, MEDIUM or LARGE and have a choice of wrist wrap designs.


Small: up to 100mm (4 inch)

Medium: 100mm - 110mm (4-4.5 inch)

Large: 110mm - 120mm (4.5-5 inch)

100% money back guarantee on manufacturing faults.
We guarantee your hand guards against manufacturing faults for 30 days from your date of purchase.

BE IN QUICK! These designs won't be around for long.
Get your order in before FRIDAY 26th MAY 2017 for the next run of Hold Strong Hand Guards. Estimated time of shipment early June 2017.

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