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Who are we?

Greer & Tom are a Brisbane, Australia based couple that just love fitness, CrossFit and living a healthy lifestyle. We are lucky enough to be part of a wonderful CrossFit community and consider our gym as a second home.
Tom Troy
Originally from Auckland, New Zealand I moved to Australia in 2010. After living in WA for almost a year, I decided Brisbane was home.
I consider myself an active, albeit intermediate Crossfitter and very average surfer! I've always had a love of the outdoors, world travels, and trying something new. Snowboarding and mountain biking have played a major part in my life, taking me to amazing parts of the world.
I first heard of CrossFit through friends in the USA.Then my my good friend Ryan started training and posting all about his WOD's and it had me intrigued. I was so bored at regular gyms, so I went into Mount CrossFit (Mount Maunganui) one day and have never looked back. It has literally changed my life in so many ways. Mentally, physically and socially. It was through CrossFit Resolve here in Brisbane that I met Greer Mason my beautiful fiancé. Greer is the other far smarter/fitter/better-looking half of Hold Strong.
Greer Mason
Originally from Narromine NSW I've always been an active person. Whether it was helping out on the family farm, camping, playing hockey or rowing there was always something going on during my time out west. Moving to Brisbane via Wollongong and the Sunshine Coast saw a transition out of the structure of high school sports and had me looking for something extra. I tried to get into going to regular gyms, but never really felt it was the place for me, so many mirrors, just not a vibe I was into. I got heavily into running once in Brisbane, loving the freedom of it all. But it was only a matter of time until I got bored and wanted something more. I got into CrossFit after a number of people from different parts of my life said I should give it a go. I thought it strange the so many unconnected people were mentioning it to me so I emailed CrossFit Resolve to let them know I would be coming in to check it out. I turned up, I loved it and that was it. 

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