About us - What is in a name?

What is in a name?

The story behind the name of our company “Hold Strong” is something quite personal and I’ve struggled with whether to talk about it. Obviously, I chose to share or else you wouldn’t be reading this! After more though, I believe it is quite important to share the "WHY" we are doing this. Our hope and goal is to give back to the community through this company. So watch this space!

In the beginning, we spoke about the meaning and goal of the company and had a few names thrown around. It was Greer who first uttered them together. It really struck a chord with me for several reasons.

Depression and mental health in general is getting a lot more focus in general media, communities and sporting groups like the CrossFit community we are a part of. I love this.

Having dealt with depression myself I have learnt a lot. I wish I had learnt it earlier though. 

On 1st of August 2011 I lost a close friend to suicide. It was so out of the blue and so sudden. I can only liken it to being hit by a bus you didn’t see or hear coming. None of his friends knew of any trouble – in fact quite the opposite. It seemed life was going amazingly.

If only we had talked.

Maybe all I had to say was “Hold Strong my friend” or simply “Are you OK?”

Maybe I couldn’t have done anything. I’ll never know of course. From then on it was up to us (his friends) to hold strong through one of the most traumatic times in life. My depression hit me about then. To say it out loud and talk about it with family was harder than you can imagine. I understand first hand why people don’t talk about it.

But, if I can be part of the solution, and to help people talk. To remove the stigma around it all, then I want to do that. If any of this helps just one person, then… something good will have come from the terrible. I would feel like this has all been a success. I’ve made a very conscious decision to use the tragedy of it all to motivate me.

I made the move to Australia looking for a fresh start in 2010.

I found it through my local CrossFit Box and I ended up meeting and marrying the most amazing woman – Greer.

Greer and I started this little business (which we love!) like I had always talked about, and we are now part of our CrossFit community. CrossFit was one of my friends’ favourite things to do. 

So what is in a name? Well, our name and our tag line reflects my feelings and the drive behind why we do what we do.

Hold Strong. In and out of the box.

Because life does get better. For me now it’s amazing.

I wish this for anyone out there, right now struggling.

“Just Hold Strong. It does get better.”


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