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Travelling and Maintaining Fitness

Posted on October 21 2016

We have all had it, we get to a certain point in our training and then the inevitable fabulous holiday comes up, trip out of town or just going somewhere outside our usual environment. While we look forward to such times in our lives with great elation, sometimes we find it difficult to maintain the usual routine that has gotten us to our point in fitness what ever level that may be. Our daily routine turns into our every other day, then every other other day.

A few days or maybe even a few weeks pass and we return to our homes, head back to the gym and realise where we are now and where we use to be are very different. The bar feels just that little bit heavier, throwing yourself into your pull ups or muscle ups just doesn't have that same feeling of ease as it did before. This is common. So how do we keep this to a minimum or even continue on our path. For everyone this will be different depending on what we want to achieve.

Plan Ahead - This is half the battle. Not being located close to somewhere you can do a work out is the most common challenge faced when going somewhere new. Book your accomodation in locations that are not far away from gyms, boxes, running tracks or parks. Even try for hotels with gyms in them. If you are going to drop in to the local box, check and see if there are any booking required, check out the timings of classes. Nothing worse than trekking halfway across Barcelona only to be told the next 2 classes are booked out. Something useful for this if you are a Crossfitter is main site. There is a function on the site that lets you search to find out which affiliates are in your area. ( https://map.crossfit.com ) This assists in narrowing down you search, in all other circumstances google is a great answer.

Think Outside The Box - You need to think outside the box in terms of what you can train with. Whats that line ...."Constantly varied functional movements performed at high intensity". This is the basis of it all, given that, this is the chance for you to train in a manner you didn't before. Get in a pool, run up a trail, practice your gym movements outside the gym in a park, sprints, handstand walks, deficit pushups.

Time - Set aside time for the sessions you want. Seems like a basic concept yes, but so easily a whole days can disappear. If you are travelling with someone, either partner or friend get them on board as well. Everything is a lot easier if you have someone else there making sure you get your session in.

Just be active - Plan your break so it is in some way active. Camping with surfing involved, rock climbing, hiking. All of the above. Just move.

Recently our founders have been on a month long trip away and the consideration of maintaining their fitness was key. Each country they went to they wanted to train. Being in different countries and meeting new people was a great experience for them. Even just seeing how different boxes run their sessions can help you pick up different ways of thinking and moving.

Below are links to some of the boxes our guys managed to drop in to (language barrier was no issue - a thruster is a thruster a burpee is a burpee where ever you go):






Travelling and getting fit while you are doing it - How good

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